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Insure To Study insures your stay abroad, simple and fast. In five minutes you can take out the insurance online and immediately receive your preliminary policy by e-mail. Afterwards you receive your insurance card.
Students make it easy for themselves!

Take out your insurance here and instantly receive a preliminary policy.

Advantages of Insure To Study

With the study and internship policy from Insure To Study you are properly insured during your journey and stay abroad! You will find all the information you need on this page.

Best choice

Master Plan, European Plan and Basic Plan. For every journey we have the right policy.

Educational institution

At Insure To Study, institutions and universities have group policies for their students.

Take out online

Take out your Insure To Study insurance online here and you will instantly receive your preliminary policy by e-mail.

Frequently asked questions

Read the frequently asked questions here and if your question is not included, please contact us!


De Europeesche Verzekeringen, tradename from ASR non-life insurance NV, HollandZorg and SOS International.

Available 24 hours a day

Emergency abroad? Call the Europeesche Emergency Line directly +31 206515777 (24/7).

Students­insurance abroad

Going abroad during your studies is a great experience!

It is sensible to take out the right insurance before departure, so you can have a carefree stay for study or internship abroad. Insure To Study has the right insurance for every journey in Europe.

Have a look at the three options

The Europeesche Emergency Line

Does anything go wrong during your journey or stay? Then immediately contact the Europeesche Emergency Line + 31 20 6515777. They can be reached 24 hours a day. Save this number in your mobile phone before your departure abroad. You can directly dial the helpline in case of:

  • Hospitalisation
  • Accident or serious illness
  • Repatriation
  • Unexpected costs for travel and accommodation

Backpacking, volunteer work or language journey

Finished your studies? Then you can just extend your insurance and go backpacking!

If you are going to do volunteer work abroad, you will need insurance and with an Insure To Study insurance you have the right coverage and you can get to work right away. Learning a new language abroad is very popular, but you should consider your insurance then as well. Insure To Study has the right policy for this journey too. 

Have a look at the three options

With Insure To Study everything is properly arranged for your departure

Taking out your Insure To Study insurance online is fast and easy and you instantly receive your preliminary policy by e-mail.
You can pay online with Ideal, Credit Card and PayPal.

Take out online Have a look at the options

Choose whatever suits you best. We have three options!

We always have a fitting policy for you!

In case you travel to a near country close to your home country and you have a national healthcare policy, you can choose for the Basic Plan. The basic healthcare policy in your home country only compensates the national prevailing rates and does not cover medical expenses that are not included in the their policy.

Are you travelling outside the EU? Then choose the Master Plan. This policy provides full coverage for medical expenses and is necessary for visa applications. Acute dental expenses are included under the policy for €400. If you remain within the EU and you wish to play it safe, then also choose the Master Plan.

Are you travelling inside the EU and do you have an EHIC? Then choose the more complete European Plan. This policy supplements your basic healthcare policy in your home country for medical expenses.  The plan also covers acute dental expenses.

Basic Plan

€€ 0.53 per day

With the Basic Plan you can be on your way immediately. It provides security at a low premium.

  • Accidents
  • Luggage
  • Household goods and valuables
  • Emergencies
  • Personal liability
  • Legal assistan

Basic Plan

Master Plan Medical

€ 1.21 per day

With the Master Plan you will have full coverage. This includes  your medical expenses.

  • All medical expenses, including dental costs
  • Accidents
  • Luggage
  • Household goods and valuables
  • Emerge

Master Plan

European Plan EHIC

€ 0.83 per day

Medical expenses will have additional coverage under your EHIC.

  • Additional medical coverage
  • Accidents
  • Luggage
  • Household goods and valuables
  • Emergencies
  • Personal liability
  • Legal assista

European Plan

We are ready to help you!

Do you have medical or dental expenses and do you wish to claim them? Download the medical claim form (PDF). In all other cases, download the general claim form (PDF). Fill in the forms completely and do not forget to sign them. Send your claims with the original invoices to:

P.O. Box 97640
2509 GA The Hague 

After we receive your claim form, we will immediately start processing your  notification!

Carefree travelling

Always certain that college days are fun

Always within reach

In case of emergency call directly to +31206515777.

Swift handling

You already have enough paperwork!

Take no risk. Insure your study abroad.

Are you going abroad to study, on an internship, on a language journey or to do volunteer work? Then Insure To Study always has the right insurance for you!

Take out online Have a look at the three options