Frequently asked questions

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  1. Who are the Insure To Study policies for?

    • volunteers
    • students
    • researchers
    • employees from an educational institution
    • family members of the insured
  2. For which journeys can I take out an Insure To Study policy?

    Our insurance policies are intended for study and internship trips, but also if you are going abroad to do volunteer work or on a language journey.

  3. What is the territorial coverage of the Insure To Study policy?

    The coverage is for traveling from the whole world to a EU country and from a EU country to the whole world.

  4. How can my partner and/or children who accompany me apply for an Insure To Study insurance?

    Your partner may apply for the insurance on the website; if you wish to insure your children because they will accompany you abroad, we request you to contact us so we can arrange the policy.

  5. How can I pay my premium?

    You pay your premium online through IDEAL or by credit card for the period of your choice. You can pay  per month, per quarter, per year or all at once.

  6. When will I receive my policy documents?

    After we receive your payment, you will instantly receive your preliminary policy by e-mail, and within two working days, you will receive your insurance card.

  7. Can I extend my Insure To Study policy?

    Before your policy ends, you can simply extend it. This is also possible if you have completed  your study or internship and you wish to follow this up with a holiday.

  8. How do I claim expenses?

    On the website you will find two types of claim forms, one is for your medical claims and the other one is for all your other claims. Complete the entire form, sign it and send it with the original invoice.

  9. What is the additional coverage for luggage?

    You take out a policy for additional valuables when you take expensive equipment with you on your journey, like an exclusive camera and a laptop, but also for a musical instrument, so your insured amount will be higher. 

  10. What is the winter sports and underwater sports policy?

    If you have an accident while practising sports, the accident expenses are covered by this policy. You may also claim expenses incurred in advance, such as the costs to rent your snowboard or the costs for your ski pass, in case you unexpectedly cannot

  11. Which policies are included in the three options?

    • Medical and dental expenses (only Master Plan);
    • Additional medical expenses (only European Plan);
    • The accident coverage  will pay out if you incur permanent disability because of the accident; besides this, your surviving relatives will receive death benefits in case of your death;
    • In the luggage and household goods coverage your luggage will be insured during your journey and when you reach your destination, your household goods will also be insured;
    • Emergencies shall include the expenses required in case you must return to your home country due to serious illness, but also if a family member of the 1st or 2nd degree dies and you wish to return to your home country;
    • The liability insurance covers the damage you accidentally cause to third parties;
    • You may require legal assistance abroad when you are in a legal conflict.
  12. Are existing conditions also insured?

    We also offer a policy including pre existing conditions, please contact us for this policy.

  13. When do I contact the Europeesche Emergence Line?

    If you need surgery in a hospital or if in connection with the death of a family member of the 1st or 2nd  degree you wish to immediately return to your home country, then call: +31206515777 the Europeesche Emergency Line. They will arrange a ticket for you.

  14. What does EHIC stand for?

    EHIC means European Health Insurance Card. If you have basic health insurance coverage from your home country, you can use this card abroad to show you are insured against medical expenses in the EU. If you do not have an EHIC yet, apply for it