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2019 年底,冠状病毒在中国湖北省武汉市爆发。
如果您居住在中国或任何其他受影响的国家,我们可以想象您希望(暂时)离开荷兰。那么问题就来了;您的 InsureToStudy 保险单会报销这些费用吗?如果我感染了冠状病毒怎么办?我们了解您对此以及与冠状病毒有关的任何其他相关问题感到担忧。

有关冠状病毒的污染和传播的信息,请通过电话号码 030-2749111 联系 RIVM 或发送电子邮件至 或拨打特殊的 Medische Zorg 国际热线; 0800-1351



RIVM 的网站以英文提供有关冠状病毒起源问题的答案。

Q: I want to leave the country temporarily because of the Coronavirus outbreak. Will my flight to the Netherlands be reimbursed?
A: The travel insurance does not reimburse the costs for that situation.

Q: I am planning to go on a vacation, and I have booked my ticket. On this trip, I will visit countries where the Coronavirus has broken out. This is the reason why I wish to cancel my vacation. Are these costs covered by my cancellation insurance.
A: The costs are not covered under the standard coverage.

Q: I have ITS insurance. Does the insurance cover the flight from an infected area back to the Netherlands.
A: The costs for repatration in this case is only possible if treatment is not possible/available locally or it cannot be postponed.

Q: Will my medical expenses be covered if I am infected with the virus?
A: The insurance will only cover the costs if they are medically necessary. If this is the case, please contact us. Another option is to call the SOS number: +31 (0)20-6515152. Or between working hours Mon-Fri from 9am till 5 pm. Our number is +31 (0)70-2051860

Q: Can I go to the GP/HAP if I suspected that I have the Coronavirus?
A: Do not go to the GP or the HAP if you suspect that you are infected. Call them, and they will help you further. This lessens the risks that you potentially infect others or are infected by others.

Our advice is: stay safe and do not travel to infected areas if not necessary.