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Questions and answers regarding the coronavirus

At the end of 2019, the coronavirus broke out in the Chinese city of Wuhan, in the province of Hubei.
If you live in China or any of the other affected countries, we can imagine that you wish to leave (temporarily) to the Netherlands. The question then arises; does your insurance policy with InsureToStudy reimburse those costs? And what if I get infected with the coronavirus? We understand that you’re are concerned about this and any other related issues to the coronavirus.

For information regarding the contamination and the spread of the coronavirus, please contact the RIVM on the phone number 030-2749111 or e-mail them on [email protected] or call call the special Medische Zorg international hotline; 0800-1351

Stay Informed

We recommend to keep a close eye on what the newsoutlets report regarding the coronavirus. Another reliable source of information to check is the travel advice of the Ministery of Foreign Affairs (in Dutch). On the website of the Ministery of Foreign Affairs, you can find the most up-to-date information regarding the advice and information about the situation in your current country of residence In additon, check the website of your University regulary to see if they have any new information or advice to give you as the situation rapidly developes.

The website of the RIVM offers answers on the questions of the origins of the coronavirus in English.

Q: I want to leave the country temporarily because of the Coronavirus outbreak. Will my flight to the Netherlands be reimbursed?
A: The travel insurance does not reimburse the costs for that situation.

Q: I am planning to go on a vacation, and I have booked my ticket. On this trip, I will visit countries where the Coronavirus has broken out. This is the reason why I wish to cancel my vacation. Are these costs covered by my cancellation insurance.
A: The costs are not covered under the standard coverage.

Q: I have ITS insurance. Does the insurance cover the flight from an infected area back to the Netherlands.
A: The costs for repatration in this case is only possible if treatment is not possible/available locally or it cannot be postponed.

Q: Will my medical expenses be covered if I am infected with the virus?
A: The insurance will only cover the costs if they are medically necessary. If this is the case, please contact us. Another option is to call the SOS number: +31 (0)20-6515152. Or between working hours Mon-Fri from 9am till 5 pm. Our number is +31 (0)70-2051860

Q: Can I go to the GP/HAP if I suspected that I have the Coronavirus?
A: Do not go to the GP or the HAP if you suspect that you are infected. Call them, and they will help you further. This lessens the risks that you potentially infect others or are infected by others.

Our advice is: stay safe and do not travel to infected areas if not necessary.